Live in village...

Go Village! Have you ever thought of  exploring rural India? We offer rural stay with local families from villages located around Jaipur.

Villages in Rajasthan are in complete contrast to the grandeur and richness you see in the cities. Being the desert state, the hardship and determination of the people is well evidentiary as soon as you enter any village in Rajasthan. The life is tough and simple yet the brilliance of color, folk and music overflows from every part of Rajasthan.

Experience  the village life of Rajasthan and take part  in the daily chores of the farmer families such as cutting wood, milking cattle, preparing food in earthen stove etc. 

In spare times having a walk around the village or visiting local primary school or health center is equally interesting. 

Spend few days in this natural setting totally away from hustle bustle of your daily life and leave with a new perspective.

The village stay is reasonably priced at Rs. 2500 per night per person which includes accomodation and all meals. The trasportation cost (to & fro from Jaipur) will be extra on actuals depending upon group size.

home 50 Km north of Jaipur...

Meet the family

Mr. Raju, married with two kids, has been living in this village all his life. As most families in village, theirs is a joint family (where multiple generations live together) of about 10-12 members. The family has their own house surrounded by their farming land in this village about 50 kms north of Jaipur.

Raju's father, at a age of 75, still contributes actively to the farming works, as does his mother and other members producing enough for their own use and to earn some extra income . 

Pure milk and fresh vegetables are no luxury obviously, as enough fodder for cattle and abundant land makes it a mandatory feature.

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