Intensive Hindi Program for Foreigners

We offer intensive Hindi language study and a three to four weeks homestay in Jaipur further facilitating deep cultural immersion and cross-cultural learning.

The program offers variations in the course, keeping in mind varied level of learners from beginner to advance. Students of all levels and with different requirements will find a suitable course for them.

Interested in online Hindi lessons? Here is the link to book your free trial.

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Hindi Lessons For Foreigners

Want to learn Hindi? Join our intensive Hindi lessons in Jaipur or take our bestseller online course. We have different courses to fit all levels.

Beginners Online Hindi Course

The bestseller Hindi online course in with 4 hour of engaging video lessons. Suitable for beginners - advance beginners level. Sign-up today and avail attractive discounts!!

Online Hindi Course

Beginners Hindi Course @Jaipur

The course covers the basics of the language in order to function in your Indian community. By the end of this course you will have an ample vocabulary to deal with everyday situations. You will be able to give directions, talk about yourself and your family, understand the names of common objects, make purchases, and even tell a simple story!

This will cover all aspects of language; reading, writing & spoken. However, students willing to just improve upon Spoken will also find a customized course.

The course is designed as a 3 weeks immersion in the language to familiarize with daily life in India.

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites

Beginner's Hindi Course
Course duration - 3 Weeks
Total 40 classroom hours

Fee & Charges

Learn Hindi Language in India

Hindi course in India
Learn Hindi in IndiaHindi language school in Jaipur India

Intermediate Hindi Course @Jaipur

The 3 weeks course aims acquiring proficiency beyond survival, towards mastery of everyday topics. You will focus on understanding and drilling grammar in order to express yourself accurately. Your vocabulary will widen in everyday subjects such as family and food, events in your life and recount experiences you share at your work place. You will be able to express hopes for the future.

The grammar component is strengthened to learn exceptions, and your Hindi becomes quite error free. Writing and reading become more prominent, but speaking is still in the forefront of the learning process.

At the end of intermediate level you should be able to discuss the physical world and everyday topics with ease.

Prerequisite: Completion of Beginners course (Students already having proficiency level equivalent to Beginners’ are permitted to enter the intermediate course directly.)

Intermediate Hindi Course
Course duration - 3 Weeks
Total 50 classroom hours

Fee & Charges

How to Apply?

Admission to the courses are open round the year. Please download the application form and submit to We will confirm at the earliest.