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Hindi script - Part 1

Starting from Vowels to Consonants, learn how Hindi alphabets are drawn. This is the part 1 of the 3 class series on Hindi scripts. Start writing Hindi with Shachi as the lesson progresses and learn complete Devanagari script in 3 days.
Video length - 35 min

Hindi script - Part 2

Retroflexive and Dental sound Hindi alphabets
Video length - 11 min

Lesson on Verb - To be (Hona)

Detail explanation of Hindi Verb 'To be'. This is one of the most important verbs of any language. It defines the state of a person, example, I am a teacher. In this sentence 'am' is a 'To be' verb, equivalent of which in Hindi is 'huun'. The lesson contains many more examples and their explanations.
Video length - 30 min

Lesson on Talking About Family & Possessive Adjectives

Learn names of family members and relations, their types - masculine and faminine. Simple senetences for talking about your family in Hindi. Later half talks about Possessive Adjectives in Hindi.
Video length - 36 min.

Featured in 'The Real Marigold Hotel' by BBC

Watch Shachi giving tips to cast of the BBC documentory 'The Real Marigold Hotel' shot in Jaipur and around. The film was aired on BBC TWO in UK on Feb 02, 2016.

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Hindi Grammar Lesson
Adjectives - Part 1

Video length - 5 min.


Hindi Grammar Lesson
Adjectives - Part 2

Video length - 13 min.

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